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R4i Gold V1.5 is very old version of the kernel. Now R4i Gold card use wood r4 kernel, and the latest version is wood r4i V1.32. You can update with below steps:

1. Download latest software from official website.

2. Unzip the patch, you can get some files.

3. Connect your TF card with computer through a USB reader, and format the TF card.

4. Copy all files to the root Directory of TF card.

5. You should also copy some game or media files to the TF card.

R4i Gold installation finished.

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Q: How do you get the r4i gold 1.5 update?
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Is the r4i gold or r4i ultra better?

The r4i gold card is much better than r4i ultra card. The r4i gold is most popular in the world. it can work on Ninendo 3DS, DSi V1.4.4 and DS console. the r4i gold firmware keep on update to support latest 3DS system update. But the r4i ultra card is a very old console. it is now out of production. And as lack of firmware update, it can only work on Nintendo DSi V1.4.1 and DS lite console.

Can you get a r4i gold card with wifi?

Of course. The r4i gold card support WiFi Function. It is easy to update the firmware. Almost all r4 cards support WIFi.

Is the r4i gold better than the dstti?

of course. the r4i gold card is much better than dstti card. the dstti is very old flashcard, it is out of production now, and there is no firmware update for a long time. but the r4i gold team release new firmware every month, which make r4i gold card much better.

Should you update your Dsi r4i gold?

The best option is to get a new flash card that supports the latest firmware version released for the DSi. Currently, v.1.4.2 is the latest DSi firmware. Many cards support this version, R4i-SDHC or R4i SDHC 3DS will support v.1.4.2 with the latest kernel. By update the r4i gold firmware, it can works on Nintendo 3DS, and the latest DSi V1.4.3 version.

Can you update your dsi and still use your r4i?

yes you can but you need to download a software called r4i update

What is the newest firmware for r4i gold?

For r4i gold from, the latest firmware is wood r4 V1.46; for r4i gold V2.0 from, it is the AKAIO V1.8.6 kernel; for r4i-gold card from, the latest software is r4i V1.71b.. Now it is already wood r4i v1.51b.

Do I need to update a r4i Gold Edition in Nintendo ds lite?

If your r4i gold Edition is old version, it has to be ugraded in a DS lite to support 3DS or DSi V1.42 console. But if it is new, it can work on Nintendo 3DS, DSi V1.4.3 or DSi V1.4.2 straightly. No need any update.

How do you reformat a R4i Gold?

You don't need to reformat the r4i gold card. You just need to format the MicroSD card, and reinstall the r4i gold kernel and games. Nothing about the r4i gold card.

Do you Need To Update r4i Gold Edition in Nintendo?

If your r4i gold card is very old version, you may need to upgrade it for Nintendo 3DS V3.0.0 and DSi V1.4.3 console. But if the r4i gold is made after Aug 2012, it no need any upgrade. Just download the latest wood r4 v1.45 lernel for installation.

Is the r4i gold or the the r4i sdhc better?

r4i gold and r4i sdhc card are most popular in players. both of them can support 3ds, dsi and ds lite. but personally, I think the r4i gold card has better compatibility.

Are the discontinued R4i Gold flash carts as functional as the 2.0 R4i Gold flash carts?

The R4i Gold 3DS card from has all functions of r4i gold v2.0. It support Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DS, including the latest 3DS V2.1.0-4 console. If you want to get a good flashcard, I think the r4i gold is better than r4i gold v2.0.

Where to buy r4i gold 3ds cheap?

Most cheap price and high quality of r4i gold 3ds can be found on r4i gold 3ds official reseller