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you just find it somewhere in a box but it was there 2 years ago by the way the year is 2009

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Q: How do you get the propelar hat on clubpenguin?
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How do you get the Santa hat on clubpenguin?

If you want the Santa Hat then you should wait until the Christmas Party on Clubpenguin.

How do you get the bucket hat on clubpenguin?

at a party?

Where is the Santa hat pin on clubpenguin?

There is not a santa hat pin, there never is |-|

Where can you find the hard hat on clubpenguin?

at the stadium

Can you get the beta hat on clubpenguin?

the beta hat was out during a aniversery party. you can not get it anymore.

How do you get rockhoppers hat in clubpenguin?

You enter the code SOMBRERO

What is a beta hat cheat for Clubpenguin in 2011?


How do you get work hat in clubpenguin?

You have to be a member. To be a member you have to pay.

How do you get a Beta hat on Clubpenguin?

The only way to get the original is CHEATING _________

How do you get a puffle hat in Club Penguin?

The Puffle Hat was from the 2010 Puffle Party, and isn't on clubpenguin anymore.

How do you get the hat with wings on clubpenguin if your not a member?

i got my winged hat when Rockhopper came and i didn`t need to be a member

Where to find the bunny hat in clubpenguin?

you have to find all the Easter eggs