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Punch the left wall & then the right and slam your head into the ground it flies right out of your back

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Q: How do you get the pencil in fancy pants?
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How do you get the pencil in Fancy Pants 3?

You go to Staples

How do you acquire the pencil in Fancy Pants 3?

You cant do it with out a special help >:D

What is fancy pants?

its a game for the computer in which you collect squiggles and defeat an angry penguin. In fancy pants 2 you attempt to get a snail shell in a hole in a golf type way to get different colors of pants(optional) and you get back an ice cream that a rabbit stole from you. In Fancy Pants 3 you save your sister, Cutie Pants, from pirates with a pencil(when you find it) as a sword.

Is fancy pants for the Wii?

You can get a Fancy Pants game for the Wii.

What other games are like fancy pants?

fancy pants 2.

When did Fancy Pants Adventures happen?

Fancy Pants Adventures happened in 2008.

When was Fancy Pants - album - created?

Fancy Pants - album - was created in 1983.

When was Fancy Pants - film - created?

Fancy Pants - film - was created in 1950.

When was Fancy Pants Adventures created?

Fancy Pants Adventures was created in 2011.

How do you get the rainbow pants on Fancy Pants adventure 2?

There is no rainbow colored pants on Fancy Pants Adventure 2. But maybe there will be in adventure 3!

Where can you find fancy pants three?

fancy pants 3 is on armor games and kongregate

On fancy pants two where are the holes?

Fancy Pants 2 has a lot of what has been called 'snail golfing.' Look for the poles with pants attached. If the snail gets kicked into a hole that has a pole with pants, Fancy Pants' color will change.