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GO TO petz IN THE LEFT HAND CORNER, then to restore original color's ,pick a dog and yippee!

ps: the dog or cat must be in the room.

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Q: How do you get the paint off your dog in dogz 4?
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How do you return petz on dogz 4?

Go to the dog hotel and click on donate a dog! :D

How long does it take for dogz to grow up on Dogz 5 PC game?

It takes a week for a dog in Dogz 5 to grow up. I had a dalmation I got on the 16th and now (24rd) he is grow up. Hope it help x

Where can you download dogz and catz 4 for free?


How do you download breedz on dogz 4?

You will need pet workshop google it (use the sherlock software page) then download the pet into a file call it dogz breeds (dont save it in dogz 4 itself ut it in docs or something! and unzip it)) then go on pet workshop (run it as adminastrator or breedz will not open) go to your file with the dogz in itand if that dosent work contact me on..!!Cremy (CremyzPetzKennilz)

What are the release dates for Jobz 4 Dogz - 2004 Hollywood K-9?

Jobz 4 Dogz - 2004 Hollywood K-9 was released on: USA: 6 July 2004 USA: 6 July 2004

Cheat 4 petz dogz pack?

funpal wetvet, and secret are some codes

On dogz 4 PC can you breed the same two dogs twice?

yes you can only when she not pregnant tho

How do you get infant dogz out on dogz 5?

Get a dog pregnant and wait for the offspring. It takes 3-6 days. Exactly the same in Catz 5 too, if you have it. In both Petz 5 games they have a nursery. In Petz 4 you only get one baby and it can enter any room (apart from the Adoption Centre, obviously). Remember not to spray, scare or "Watering Can" the babies, it crashes the game, and (in petz 4), don't snowball or take them to the beach/south seas, cause the water splashes them.

Dogz 4 PC game can you breed your dogs with different dreeds of dogs?

the answer is maybe becuz dogs are cool

How do you breed your dogz on dogz 4?

its so easy coz my mate done it so you put 2 adult dogz the same breed in the toy room put lots and lots of love hart pillows on the floor then get out the music box and play some romantic music and wait for like 8 mins and your pups will come in a few days!

What are the release dates for Chuck's Day Off - 2008 The Dog Walkers 4-10?

Chuck's Day Off - 2008 The Dog Walkers 4-10 was released on: USA: 10 March 2011

Cheat codes 4 dogz pack?

petpet wetvet Hawaii stinko ill add more later (laters)