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you get it when you own all the land.

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Q: How do you get the owner of mother earth note on harvest moon magical melody?
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How can you get Jamie to say yes when you propose in harvest moon magical melody?

I do not know but why on Earth would you want to marry a snot-nosed brat like Jamie?

How did Demeter get goddess of harvest?

It is the meaning of her name "De" to "Ge", akin to Gaea (Earth); and "Meter" to "Mother".

What did mother earth use to catch fish?

Mother Earth catches fish with bigger fish

What are Cronus and Rhea the titans of?

Cronus and Rhea were the titans of the earth. Cronus was the patron of the harvest and agriculture, and Rhea was known as the mother of the gods.

What is a magical element?

the magical elements are fire,water,earth and air

Is Persephone related to nature?

Yes: through her mother's line, Demeter goddess of the harvest, Rhea goddess of the mountains, and Gaea goddess of the earth.

What is a sorcerer's religion?

A sorcerer or other magical capable being usually draws upon the natural elements as a source and so therefore Mother nature or mother Earth could serve as a Wizard's deity.

What did the ancient greek religion Demeter believe in?

Demeter wasn't a religion, it was a Greek Goddess that focused on harvest of the Earth. There were cults dedicated to Demeter they focused on making sacrifices to Demeter in exchange for good growth and harvest of much needed crops.

What are facts about Demeter the goddess of harvest?

Demeter was the most generous of the great Olympian goddesses.She is the goddess of the harvest. Demeter provides all the nutrients on earth and is the mother of the earth ..The earth can not live without Demeter allowing its seeds to grow . She is the goddess of the harvest. Demeter is particularly prominent in the Greek legend of the abduction of her daughter Persephone (Kore) by the underworld god Hades. Distraught at her loss, Demeter neglected her duties as a vegetation while she searched for her daughter.

How do you know that Demeter adored Persephone?

The Demeter, the Earth mother goddess, goddess of harvest and growing for mankind substance, did let the earth wither and die as Demeter searched for Persephone rather then go on without her daughter.

Goddes of the earth?

Gaia was the Earth itself, Demeter the goddess of the harvest on earth.

Why did Cronus have a sickle?

It was the form of the weapon which Gaia, the Earth his mother gave to Cronus to castrate his father Uranus the Heavens. A sickle was also once used to harvest crops.