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once you unlock the first mine on the 6th floor there will be that ore in the rocks just smash it with your hammer

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Q: How do you get the ore mythic in harvest moon?
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In what mine can you find the ore mythic in harvest moon ds?

The Third Mine. You can only find Mythic Stone after you get all the Cursed Tools and have all of those turned into Blessed Tools.

In harvest moon ds how do you get ore?

You will go to the dig site ,it is near carter and flora's house, you will get the ore in the first mine,there are six ores ,copper,silver,gold,mystrile,mythic and junk ore,mythic ore is rare,it's hard to find while the 5 ores can be easily found in the first mine

What is the best upgrade for tools in harvest moon ds?

Mythic is the best.

How do you tell how much ore you have in harvest moon?

It says in your rucksack.

Where to get moon ore in harvest moon a wonderful life on the wii?

Help Carter in the Dig-Site and you might randomly dig up Moon Ore.

How do you get adamite ore in harvest moon ds?

Mine it in the 3rd mine

Harvest moon magical melody goddess ore?

There's no such thing.

Where can i get the metal ore in harvest moon back to nature?

In the mine behind the waterfall/harvest goddess pond

In harvest moon back to nature how to get an metal ore called orichalum?

Find it.

Action replay code for getting mythic stone in harvest moon sunshine island?

here's what worked for me 023b9bac 00000039

Where to find the orichalc ore in harvest moon in gba?

Spring Mine, 8th floor.

I can't find the mythic stones in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

you have to have all the cursed tool, turn all of them into blessed tool. then mythic stone will appear in the spring mine at lv60 and below