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You get other fruits by sending fruit to your town residents or from other people's towns.

for me, i occasionally go down to the beach and check the shore. sometimes, coconuts will wash up and you can pick them up and plant them, but you have to be careful with coconuts. they will only mature if they are planted close to the shore. And here's a tip, if you want a tree to grow to it's full size (aka mature) then use your axe to chop down a mature tree and plant it in it's place. Planting something in a spot where an already mature plant was guarantees that it will mature to full size!

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Q: How do you get the orchard fruit in animal crossing wild world?
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How do you make an orchard on animal crossing wild world?

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How do you grow different fruit on Animal Crossing Wild World for Nintendo Ds?

Get different seeds.

How do you earn fast bells on animal crossing wild world?

sell fish, bugs, shells and fruit

Easy money on animal crossing wild world?

sell fish, bugs, fossils, fruit,shells etc.

How do you make a million bells in animal crossing wild world?

Sell fruit, fossils, sea shells, anything.

Can you go to coconut island on Animal Crossing Wild World?

No, you cannot. You are able to in the original Animal Crossing, but not in Animal Crossing: Wild World. You can get coconuts if one of the neighbors sends a letter explaining they found a strange fruit or you may be lucky and find one on the beach. However, you cannot go to coconut island in Wild World.

How do you have a baby on Animal Crossing wild world?

You can not have a baby on Animal Crossing: Wild World

How many Animal Crossing are there?

One for DS : Animal Crossing Wild World One for Wii : Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City One for Gamecube : Animal Crossing Wild World (Same title as Ds) :)

Animal Crossing wild world for psp?

There is no animal crossing for the PSP.

Can you make a fruit your bed on animal crossing wild world?

no but if you find fruits that aren't your main fruits you'll get 500 for them

What is all the fruit in animal crossing wild world?

Pears Peaches Coconuts (which have to be planted by the sea) Apples Cherries Oranges

How do you cherries in Animal Crossing wild world?

To get fruit that isn't what grows there at the beginning you have to connect with someone else or you can send your native fruit to a villager and they might send other fruit back.