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To get the Odd Keystone in Pokemon Diamond, you must go to Route 208, where there is also a Berry Master that gives you Berries, daily. You can also receive a Poketch App from the Little Girl in the house. Along with the two Trainers in that Route, William and Hannah, there is a man with a red-coloured headband, who looks like the Karate Trainers.

If you go talk to him, he will give you the Odd Keystone, which you can use to help you get the Pokemon Spiritomb if you restore the tower on Route 209.

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Q: How do you get the odd keystone in Pokemon Diamond?
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Were do you get an odd keystone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. The Odd Keystone is only obtainable in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You will need to trade a Pokemon with an Odd Keystone to get it on SoulSilver.

How do you put odd keystone in Halloed Tower in Pokemon Diamond?

You walk up to the crumbled tower and press "A" and it will say the odd keystone looks like it will fit.

How do you place the odd keystone in the well in Pokemon diamond?

jusat go to it and click A by poke master rydhan

On Pokemon pearl where do you find the 2 odd keystone on route 209?

you get an odd keystone underground

What happens when you use the odd keystone in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

A spiritomb will apear unless you hav'ent met 32people in the underground.

What to do with odd keystone in diamond?

I pretty sure you can get Spiritomb with it.

How can you get a Spiritomb in Pokemon diamond?

You can get a Spiritomb after you insert the Odd Keystone into the broken tower (Hallowed Tower) and talked to 32 people underground.

What happens when the karate guy does not give you the odd keystone in Pokemon pearl?

The Odd Keystone is given to you by a man on route 208

What does the well do that you put the odd keystone in Pokemon diamond?

you get a spirttomb by talking to people underground 32 times. P.S this will take a long time

What is the odd keystone for in Pokemon pearl?

It is for catching Spiritomb.

How do you get spirit tome in Pokemon diamond?

put the odd keystone in the hallow tower then go under ground and greet around 32 people i think

Where can you find Spiritomb in pokemon diamond?

You can find Spiritomb at Hallowed Tower Requires Odd Keystone and talking to 32 People total in Sinnoh Underground.