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use the sissors in your spy phone

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Q: How do you get the o berries from the tree on club penguincom?
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How do you get untrapped from the polar bear on Club Penguin?

You need to have the o berries so try them in herbert's thing that opens the cage

In Pokemon platinum which berry is the best in poffin making?

well all berries are good for poffin making! but if there are certain kinds of poffins here's a (somewhat) good berry chart o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR SWEET POFFINS 1.watmel berry 2.grepa berry 3.mago berry 4.bluk berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR SOUR POFFINS 1.belue berry 2.kelpsy berry 3.iapapa berry 4.wepear berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR SPICY POFFINS 1.spelon berry 2.qualot berry 3.figy berry 4.pinap berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR BITTER POFFINS 1.durin berry 2.pomeg berry 3.aguav berry 4.nanab berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR DRY POFFINS 1.pamtre berry 2.hondew berry berry 4.razz berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o And that's all I have for now. gameprogirl101

What is secret task in mission 2 on club penguin?

Use the broken sled, O-berry and rope to catch a fish in the river, then cook it with the pot in the tree in your cave by making a fire.

How do you get passed the polar bear cage on Club Penguin?

You have to throw an O-Berry onto the lever that controls the water. Your puffle goes up to get it and turns on the water. Then place two more O-Berries strategically to guide your puffle to activate the big wheel that lifts the cage door. Got this from the tutorial here:

Is there a way to hack roblox for free builders club?

No you can't hack ROBLOX Builders Club. >:O

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How do you get the bag of o' berries down from the tree in club penguin?

Cut the rope with your spy scissors.

If there are 12 monkeys in a tree how many berries are there?

That depends. Were the monkeys hungry when they went into the tree? Did they eat any berries while they were up there? How many berries were up there before the monkeys went up? If they ate any berries, and the monkeys are still in the tree, do we count those berries in their bellies? Too many for me to count. Give us some more information please.

How do you get the O berries down on club penguin?

take your spy scissors and cut the string O_O :D

Where do you put the o berries in the cage trap on club penguin?

You put them just in front of the cage and wait

How do you attract the black puffle on mission 2 of club penguin?

You have to pick three O-berries from the O-berry bush. Feed one of them to the puffle, it will fly around, then it will gain your trust. The other two O-berries are used for later in the mission.

How do you cut the rope of berries to give it to the puffle that's hungry on club penguin?

you get your spy phone out click on tools choose the scissors and then click on the rope it will get the o berries

How do get out of the polar bears house in club penguin?

You need to get the puffle and give it o berries on the switch and the thing opens

How do you get the cave door open in club penguin when theres no o berries?

just click the bush the cave will open !!

How do you find the bait in club penguin after you crash the ski sled?

use o' berries i suppose is g's secret mission

How do you get untrapped from the polar bear on Club Penguin?

You need to have the o berries so try them in herbert's thing that opens the cage

How do you lift the cage in mission 5 in club penguin?

you lift the cage by the o berries found in a packet when you cut them cut. These can be found by taking the left when you arrive. You feed the o berries to the black puffle that is either near the log or the bush. You then go inside the cave, and to lift the cage up, put the o berries on the seat, the metal thingo and then the something else.

On club penguin mission 6 does the bag with the O berries ever run out?

No they won't because if they would happen to run out you couldn't finish the mission.