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The longer you have been a member, the more bars you get. You get a bor every two months.

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Q: How do you get the member bars on Club Penguin?
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Can you be a member on Club Penguin Elite Penguin Forces?

club penguin elite force is a game for theNintendo DS and also you cant, become a member, but you can be a member on club penguin.

On clubpenguin how do you get the bars under the member sign?

Hi me again the person who asked the Question. I have a club penguin and i am a member and i have noticed that when you click on yourself and you are a member under the member sign in the corner some penguins have some little bar things. i have one but i would like more. please tell me how to get more.The bars on the member sign is according to how old you are. I have three bars and a star because my club penguin account is three years old. Try and do your best on club penguin.Hope this helped.

How much is the membership in Club Penguin?

its not in club penguin you gotta buy a member ship card to be a member on club penguin or just be a normal penguin you don't need to a member to go on club penguin so go have fun!

Is aunt arctic a member or a non member on club penguin?

aunt arctic is a member on club penguin

How do you get in a member room in Club Penguin?

There is no way to get into a member room unless you download a Club Penguin trainer. In some Club Penguin trainer's you can go into member rooms.

Can you get the clothes from Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force to Club Penguin?

you have to be a member

What are number on member ship for Club Penguin?

well to get a member ship on club penguin is that you have to pay for it

Where can you buy Club Penguin band member?

on club penguin i guess

How do you Get Through the Club Penguin Snow Maze?

You have to be a Member in club penguin.

Are you allowed to pay cheque to be a member on Club Penguin?

yes you can pay with check to be a member on club penguin

How do you become invisible after you become a ninja in club penguin?

you have to be a member on club penguin to be invisible you have to pay if you have to be a member?

How do you become member on club penguin without paying?

That's not possible. You have to be a member to play Club Penguin.