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The second mine is 255 floors deep, and you can only fall (at most) 10 floors at once. This mine has a lot of wild animals to fight off, but when you reach the bottom and clear away the enemies you will discover the Legendary Sword. You can pick it up if you have at least 1 of your tools at Mystril upgrade level (400%) in HMDS, but in HMDS CUTE you must have all of your tools at Mystril.

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Q: How do you get the legendary sword on harvest moon DS?
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What does the legendary sword do on harvest moon ds?

The Legendary Sword can fight the Harvest King.

Are there any cheats for A R on Harvest Moon DS about getting legendary sword without completing mine 2?

no. its easy to get to

What is the last floor in the 2 mine on harvest moon ds?

The last floor in mine two is floor 255. That floor has the Legendary Sword.

What level are your to get the legendary sword in harvest moon ds cute?

Legendary Sword is on floor 255 of the Second Mine. Defeat all the monsters on that floor to open the entrance to the sword room. You can not pick up the sword unless all of your Tools are upgraded to Mystril.

How can I get the legendary sword in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

You get it at the bottom of the 2nd mine...then you have to kill all the monsters and theres a room that is blocked by boulders...break them and go in the room and you will find it!

How do you break the big rock in Harvest Moon DS?

Depends on which big rock you mean. If you mean the big rock near the waterfall you'll have to get the Legendary Sword at the bottom of the second mine.

How do you slash the rock to get to the hidden cave behind the water fall in harvest moon ds?

Once you have the Legendary Sword from the bottom of the Second Mine, equip it and press the A button and not the usual Y button.

Can you get Harvest Moon DS on Wii?

No. Harvest Moon DS is for the DS only. There are other Harvest Moon games for the Wii.

On Harvest Moon DS can you be a girl?

no, but you can be a girl farmer in harvest moon ds cute. the two games have different stories and harvest moon ds was the inspiration for harvest moon ds cute as more girls were found to be playing the game than boys at the time of the beginning of the launch of harvest moon ds cute.

What are some fun games of Nintendo ds?

harvest moon DS cute, harvest moon island of happiness, harvest moon DS.

How do you get the sword to get behind the waterfall in harvest moon DS?

To get the sword you need to go to the 255 level in the second cave and then go to the rock and press a

Are there harvest moon games for Nintendo DS?

Yes, Harvest Moon DS (boy version) and Harvest Moon DS Cute (girl version)