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This is the easiest way to catch them. all you have to do is get the masterball then duplicate it BEFORE catching suicune. catch suicune then go into the little patch of grass below ecruteak. no need to jump over any ledges or anything. use sweet scent in the grass and it will be a 74% chance of encountering entei. then once you've caught that, go to the left of ecruteak city and go into the grass there. my little sister was actually playing it at the time and she encountered raikou with out using sweet scent! i caught it and now I'm happy coz i caught ho-oh.

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Q: How do you get the legendary dogs on Pokemon Crystal?
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Easy way to get all the legendary dogs on Pokemon crystal?

catch them

Can you catch the legendary dogs at night in Pokemon crystal?

yes if you can find them

What legendary Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Crystal?

suicune, entei, raikou, 3 legendary dogs. then the birds, ho oh, lugia

Is there an Articuno in Pokemon Crystal?

No there is not a Articuno in Crystal version butt there is the 3 legendary dogs and ho oh and lugia

How do you get the three legendary dogs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Only by trading them from Gold, Silver or Crystal.

What rare Pokemon are in Pokemon Crystal?

The legendaries that you can get are Ho-Oh and Lugia as well as the legendary dogs Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

What to do after seeing the three legendary dogs in Pokemon crystal?

Find them and have the move mean look so you can have a chance to catch them

Where will i be more likely to find raikou on pokemon crystal?

the three legendary dogs are random appearances there is no more likely area

What is the Main legendary in Pokemon Crystal?


Is raikou a legendary Pokemon?

Yes, Raikou is one of three legendary dogs which specify in Gold, Silver and Crystal. The others are Entei, a fire type, and Suicune, a water type.

What is the first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

its suicune, the water type dog

Who is the best legendary dog Pokemon?

suicune is top legendary dog just play Pokemon crystal and you'll see.