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To get the last gym badge you have to go to cinnabar island and you will meet blue. he will tell you that he will be waiting in veridian city to battle you. when you go to veridian city you go to the gym and fight him at the end of the gym.

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Q: How do you get the last kanto gym badge in Pokemon soulsilver?
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Where do you go after the seventh badge in pokemon soulsilver?


Where do you get the last gym badge in Kanto in soulsilver?

you have to get all of the other gym badges in kanto and then go to Cinnabarr island and talk to blue. then go to viridian city and go in the Pokemon gym!

Where to get the last gym badge in Pokemon Heart Gold?

The last gym badge is in viridian city for Kanto. For Johto it is in Blackthorn city.

Does Silver appear in Kanto in Pokemon Soulsilver?

no. the battle at victory road is the last encounter with him.

How do you get the 16th gymbage in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to beat all the kanto gyms then go to cinnabar and talk to blue he will then go to the last gym and you can battle him there

Where do you find hm08 rock climb on Pokemon soulsilver?

after you defeat trainer blue, the last gym leader in kanto, talk to prof. oak. he will give it to you

Where is the last Kanto gym in Pokemon soul silver?

The last Kanto gym is in Varidian City.

Where is the last badge Pokemon firered?

viridian city

How do you catch Pikachu in Pokemon SoulSilver?

go into veridian forest in kanto (after the elite 4) and the 2nd to last patch of grass has pikachus. They are very hard to find, so be patient. Hope i helped!

Where do you find hm rock clim in soulsilver?

After you beat Blue in the last gym in the Kanto region he gives it to you.

Where do you get a radio card in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Talk to the last woman at the counter in the goldenrod radio tower. You should get it there. In the kanto region though, you need to fix the power plant first. Then talk to the man in the brown suit near the elevator. He should give you the kanto radio card.

What are all the good Pokemon in Kanto?

charizardvenasaurblastoisebeutiflybeedrillraichusandslasharbokvileplumevictreebelllpidgotfearownidokingnidoqueenlapraspoliwrathrhydoneectabuzzmagmarmewtwomewzapdosarticunomoltresand last but not least gyaraos