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In each shrine there is about 2 or 3 armor pieces. When you're in the shrines, watch out for the treasure chests

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Q: How do you get the knothole knight armor in Fable 2?
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On Fable II where are the Knothole Knight clothing pieces located?

As you progress through the KnotHole Island's main Storyline, You will go through 3 Shrines of Weather Totems. In each Shrine there is 2-3 Pieces of Armor in different Chests. I suggest walking through the Shrines slowly and see if your dog (if you still have it) finds any chests.

Does collectors edition of Fable 2 include knothole island?

no but the game of the year edition does along with see the future

How do you get the assault rifle in Fable 2?

by getting knothole iland upgrade

Where is the box of secrets in Fable 2?

that is the name of the shop which is in knothole island. which was also the first dlc for fable 2

How do you get back knothole knight armour in Fable 2 if sold?

it just a hunch but probally jus go back to the person u sold it at and see if they are still there for sale

Where do you buy an expansion pack for Fable 2?

There is no fable 2 expansion pack yet, besides the knothole content which is downloadable on xbox-live.

In Fable 2 how do you travel to knothole?

Buy the knothole island expantion and go to the bowerstone market docks. There will be a submarine and it's owner waiting.

Can you get spartan armor on Fable 2 normal edition?


How do you get Fable 2 halo armor?

You can't. It is impossible.

Can you buy thinning potions on the free version of knothole island for Fable 2?

no u only get the 1 potion

How do you get the black knight armor in AQWorlds?

1.First you have to do quest to get the black knight's orb and then you are able to get into the shop. 2. The black knight armor is is AC.

Where do you get a skirt in Fable 2?

If you start as a girl you automatically get one but you can also buy one at a tailor in bowerstone or a clothing vendor or get the Knothole short skirt(Need Knothole Island add-on for this one).