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Use the walkthrough.

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Q: How do you get the key to kill blue dragons?
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Where can you find baby blue dragons on runescape?

baby blue dragons are in the taverly dungeon. you'll need a dusty key. just go to the location where it says blue dragons on the map of the dungeon. the door you have to enter just before you can get to the blue dragons is locked, hence the dusty key (you'll need it for every entry). there are a few lvl 111 blue dragons as well, so take an anti-dragon shield and good armour as well.

Do you have to be a member on runescape to kill blue dragons?

Yes! Every dragon is for members.

Do dragons kill humans?

Dragons are not real, but plenty of fictional dragons kill people in stories.

Where are the blue dragons in runescape?

in taverly dungeon: to get there ull need a key the key isn't tradeable but u can find it in the dungeon u just run furder into the dungeon until u come into the dark knights fortress there ull have to find the jail at the jail theres a guard who has the key to the prison door just kill him and pick up the key use the key on the PRISON door and talk to the guy whos in there hell give u the key to go to the blue drags

What do you do with zealots key on godzhell?

go to underground of travely and use key to go thro pipes to blue drags No. The zealot's key is from the haunted mine. It has nothing to do with 'Taverly' and the pipes leading to the blue dragons are an agility shortcut requiring 70 agility.

Did dragons ever kill people?

Komodo dragons have.

What level are blue dragons on runescape?

Blue Dragons are level 111. They are located in the Talvery Dungeon.

Does David kill dragons?


Do dragons like bears?

No, dragons hate bears!!! In the wild, dragons love to kill and eat bears.

Can bearded dragons have blue eyes?

Yes,.. bearded dragons can and a select few do have blue eyes! I have a breeding male that very much has blue eyes!

Where are baby blue dragons in runescape?

Baby blue dragons are located in Taverly dungeon, there is about 5 baby dragon's located there, along with three level 111 blue dragons.

Are dragons blue?

all dragons are members but the one from the quest dragon slayer.