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Make sure that you have delivered the letter you got from the Devon Corp. Director (Mr. Stone) to Steven, and safely returned the Devon Goods to Captain Stern in Slateport city. Use Rock Smash to get rid of the remaining boulders in the Rusturf tunnel. Go back to Rustboro through the Rusturf tunnel and outside there is that guy you saved from getting robbed of the Devon goods. he will give you a repeat ball, and the Rustboro Market will now be selling timer balls and repeat balls.

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Q: How do you get the guy in rustboro to sell timer balls in Pokemon emerald?
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Where can i find time balls on Pokemon Emerald time balls on Pokemon Emerald?

you can only get timer balls on rustboro city pokemart on emerald

Where to get timer balls in Pokemon sappire?

Timer balls can be found in the Pokemart in Rustboro City

Where can you buy Timer balls in emerald?

Only in Rustboro City pokemart.

Where do you buy timer balls in Pokemon ruby?

Rustboro city

How do you buy timer ball in Pokemon emerald?

Rustboro city, where else...

Where do you get the timer balls in Sapphire Pokemon?

Once you help the Devon corp you can purchase timer balls and repeat balls at the rustboro city pokemart.

How do you get a timer ball in Pokemon ruby?

Timer balls are sold in the rustboro city pokemart.

Where do you get timer balls in emreld version?

You can only buy timer balls in rustboro.

What city can you buy Timer Balls in Pokemon Ruby?

I am pretty sure it is Rustboro City in the PokeMart.

Where can you get a timer ball in Pokemon emerald besides Rustboro pokemart?

in a store i don't know wich one sorry

How do you get a timer ball in Pokemon Emerald?

After you beat Mossdeep City gym, go to Rustboro City, then go east to Rusturf Tunnel, and there should be a guy in green just outside who looks like he's from Devon Corp. Talk to him, and he will give you a repeat ball. Now return back to Rustboro City and enter the pokemart. Now you have unlocked both Timer and Repeat balls. Both cost $1000 each. Timer balls are great to catch legendaries including relicanth and are more likely to succeed with each turn!

How do you catch kryogue without a masterball in Pokemon emerald?

Well what you need are dive balls,premier balls,timer balls,and quick balls.