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You will be riding a dinosaur when you find platform made out of five blocks above you. Get on top of this platform and jump up while standing on the middle block to reveal an invisible block that sprouts a Vine from the top. Climb the Vine up and enter the pipe. From here you'll need to bounce off the backs of the Scuttlebugs to cross the gap and reach the Alternate Flagpole Exit.

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Q: How do you get the green mushroom house in world 4 in Mario bros ds?
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How do you beat Mario in sonic lost in Mario world?

Throw a mushroom at Mario Throw a mushroom at Mario

How do you get to world 4 in the super Mario bros game?

to get to world 4, just beat the world 2 boss with mini Mario (the little Mario that jumps real high). don't bother getting a mini mushroom from a red mushroom house, there's one just before the boss. The same rules apply for getting to world 7

What world does Mario live in?

He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Where do you get the koopa shell to blast through the blocks to get to world 5 in world 1 in new super Mario bros?

you have to be shell mario. try getting it from a red mushroom house or red flying block.

How can you open world 4 and 7 in Super Mario Brothers?

this is if you mean new super Mario bros you get a mini mushroom and do the boss with the mini mushroom in world 2 and 5

On Super Mario where is the mushroom kingdom?

The Mushroom Kingdom is the largest kingdom of the Mushroom World (Which many believe is a parallel world to Earth). Some other places of the Mushroom World are the Bean-Bean Kingdom, Sarasaland, and Dinosaur Land.

Where is the portal to go from this world to Mario's world?

There is no portal, as the mushroom kingdom is fictional. Sorry :(

Where dous Mario bros live?

Somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom (the first world)

Where is the chimp on world 4 of super Mario galaxy 2?

next to a mushroom

What is mega Mario?

mega Mario is when you have a big mushroom and give it to him and he turns big. like on level 1 world 1

How do you thow a mushroom at Mario in sonic lost in Mario world?

well, look in the directions and i beat the game without doing that

How do you get to world four on Nintendo ds?

To unlock world 4 in Super Mario Beat the Pokey in world three when you're mini Mario/luigi. I suggest you get the mini mushroom in storage jump on the pokey twice use the mini mushroom then jump on him again.