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Q: How do you get the golden shadow breaker in AQWorlds?
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What does the grand inquister drop in AQWorlds?

Mace of the Grand InquisitorGrand Inquisitor Armor (member only)Golden Shadow Breaker

Where to find Guardian Shadow in AQWorlds?

The Guardian Shadow was a rare item. It is no longer in the game. Sorry.

How to get shadow serpent blade in AQWorlds?

There is no shadow serpent blade but if you mean the shadow serpent scythe then it is dropped from the Shadow Serpent in Bludrut Keep 4 (/join bludrut4).

How do you find shadow-schyte in AQWorlds?

First, you press the map .Then, you select shadowfall at the right of the map and you will go to shadow schtye

How do you get shadow Ghoul10 in AQWorlds?

You can buy Shadow Ghoul from the Suggestion shop in Yulgar's Inn (/join yulgar) for 27000 gold.

Were do you get shadow scythe on AQWorlds?

You have to complte the quest from the the king of SwordHaven and Shadowfall lady.

Where do you get the shadow ghoul outfit in AQWorlds?

In yulgar's suggestion shop /join yulgar

How many pages does City of Golden Shadow have?

City of Golden Shadow has 770 pages.

Where do you get the Shadow Terror Axe in AQWorlds?

You can get the Shadow terror axe at the evil rep shop. it requiers lvl 10 evil though

When was City of Golden Shadow created?

City of Golden Shadow was created on 1996-12-05.

Where can you find Shadow Terror Axe in aqworlds?

bone terror-strong monster battleunderbattleon

How do you get a guardian shadow in AQWorlds?

You must hve necromancer class and must not be in the ptr server.