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To get a gold trainer card in Pokemon Fire Red, you have to

  • Beat the elite four and champion once
  • Capture all the pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex, except Mew
  • Capture all the pokemon in the National Pokedex, except Mew, Ho-ho, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys
  • Jump 200 times in the Pokemon Jump and also get 200 berries in the Dodrio Berry Picking
You have to complete all tasks listed above, but in any order.
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Q: How do you get the gold trainer card on Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get a gold rand trainer card in Pokemon emerald?

you win

What happens when you beat the Pokemon league more than 50 times in Pokemon emerald?

You get another coloured trainer card. If it's gold, you get a black Trainer Card.

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

You get a diploma and a gold trainer card.

What happens when you get every Pokemon in fire red an d show it to professor oak?

if you complete your dex you get silver trainer card if you copmplete national you get gold trainer card.

How do you get different colours for your trainer card in Pokemon platinum?

Catch a certain amount of Pokemon and defeat the elite four to change your card from copper to bronze to silver then gold.

What does a leaf crown do in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

All It Does Is Add One star To Your Trainer Card

Where are the trainers for the second gym for Pokemon?

The second gym trainers for each generation are as follows: Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Firered and Leafgreen: Misty, a water-type trainer Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal: Bugsy, a bug-type trainer Pokemon Ruby, Saphire and Emerald: Brawly, a fighting-type trainer Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum: Gardenia, a grass-type trainer

What happens after you complete the pokedex in emerald?

You get a diploma, gold trainer card and if you talk to prof birch you can get a johto starter pokemon.

What do the coloured prints from the battle frontier do in Pokemon platinum?

If you collect all of the coloured/gold prints, you will get a star to your trainer card.

What starter Pokémon matches the boy Pokémon trainer?

In firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire, and emerald it's the water pokemon, in gold and silver it's the fire pokemon, and in diamond, pearl, and platinum it's the grass pokemon.

How do you trade Pokemon from gold to Pokemon FireRed?

you get a game link cord an 2 gameboys transfer the Pokemon from gold 2 fire red and boom i think u should trade gold wit Pokemon from firered that r in gold

How do you get a totodile on Pokemon FireRed?

You must trade with Pokemon collesium or Pokemon gold