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You have to beat the challenge a certain amount of times.

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Q: How do you get the frontier leaders to come out in Pokemon emerald?
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On Pokemon emerald how do you get the frontier brains to come out?

You just need to keep getting lots of consecutive wins, it varies from place to place.

How do you get unlimited moonstone?

give your moon stone to emerald then in the battle frontier there is a building that does that sometimes if you duplicate too much i heard that your Pokemon does not come back it happened to me

When does Pokemon Sky Emerald come out?

Pokemon will probably make aurora emerald if anything.

What year did Pokemon Emerald come out?


Where to get the gogless on Pokemon Emerald on Pokemon Emerald?

after beating the 4th gym leader may/brandon will come to you and give you the goggels

How do you find thunderous?

Thunderus is not in Pokemon Emerald.. it is in Pokemon White.. come on guys..

Does your dad ever come home in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes after you beat the Pokemon league

Where to obtaine a dratini in Pokemon Emerald?

There are no dratini or dragonair or dragonites in pokemon emerald/ruby/saphire There are no dratini or dragonair or dragonites in pokemon emerald/ruby/saphire

What are the Pokemon that come out of the fossils in emerald?

The fossil Pokemon available in Pokemon Emerald include Anorith, revived from the Claw Fossil, and Lileep, revived from the Root Fossil.

You got past the downpour area in Pokemon emerald will Kyogre come back?


Maps for Pokemon Emerald?

maps come with the pokenav that you get from Devon corperation in rustboro and are usually at the right of Pokemon centers

Where can you find the go-Google in Pokemon Emerald in Pokemon Emerald?

go to lava ridge town. beat the gym leader and when you go out youre rival will come and defeat her you will get go google.