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You go to the mine , enter the mine, go to the entrance with the light bulbs.

There will be a sign with a picture of a drill and a hard hat.

Press it and collect the hard hat.

Wear nothing but the hard hat and dance. And your drilling!

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You have to wait until the item comes in the gift shop, then if your a member you can buy it. another wayis when you discover a new place (dojo) you can use it to uncoverthe place9its for free then)

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Q: How do you get the drill hat on Club Penguin?
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How do drill on Club Penguin?

wear your hard hat and dance to drill

Where is the driil on Club Penguin?

there is no drill you need a hard hat then your penguin will pull out a drill out of nowhere.

Where do you get the green drill hat on club penguin?

It is no longer available.

How do you help with construction site in club penguin?

You get a construction hat and Drill!

How do you get a green hard hat on club penguin?

it was an item in the penguin style catalog when the club penguin earth day party 2010 was on. if you dance while wearing the green hard hat and nothing else you will drill trees into the groung

Where do you get the hat and drill on Club Penguin?

you go to the mines and go to the place where you drill for coins and you see a driller and a drill hat near the entrance where you just went through then go to it and pick up the items.

How do you get the construction hat in Club Penguin?

Go to the cave mine on the club penguin map. Then go into the room that the lights turn off also known as the cave mine. On the wall you should see a hat and a drill, click the hat and yes. You should then have the hat! If you would like to use your hat go into your inventory and click the hat to wear it. Then take of all of the clothes you have on your club penguin except for your hat. Then go to the bottom left of the screen and click dance and you should see yourself get out a drill and dance! If you would like to add me in club penguin my screen name is Rawr 103! Hope you think about adding me! <3 club penguin <3

How does a hard hat help?

The hard hat helps when club penguin is building something new. It you dance while wearing the hard hat you will drill and many penguins help so the work gets done.

How do you get a jack hamer in club penguin?

For this you need a hard hat. You get that in the Cave Mine (the room where you drill to get coins). Put your hard hat on and take everything else off. Now dance. Remember - If you have even ONE item on your penguin, you will not drill.

Club penguin how to get a hard hat to drill?

there is now hard hats and vests at the gift shop that you can buy. 2010

How do you get the drill in Club Penguin?

you need to go to the mine and you go through the tunnel and you will see a drill with a hat go and click or walk on it a and it will ask you do you want to laim this drilling hat/ press yes

How do you get the hard hat and drill on club penguin?

You have to go the cave mine and on the left there is a hard hat and jackhammer, so go walk on it and you will get it and by the way its for free!!!