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Webkinz Deluxe MembershipTo get a deluxe membership on Webkinz, go to the Ganz e-store (see related link below) and then go to the deluxe membership page and buy it. Note: you have to be signed into your e-store account before buying a membership.

The costs are as follows:

  • 1 month membership: $2
  • 3 month membership: $15
  • 6 month membership: $25
  • Annual membership: $45

Be sure to talk to your parents before purchasing anything online!

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Q: How do you get the deluxe membership on Webkinz?
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Where can you get a free Webkinz Deluxe Membership?

You can get a free Webkinz Deluxe membership online. There is different memberships you can get that you have to pay for.

How long do you have to wait after you get a deluxe membership on webkinz?

They have webkinz membership now. you have to pay for it but its there. So no waiting.

How do you get a free deluxe membership on Webkinz?

No, You have to pay for deluxe member ship.

How do you cancel deluxe membership on webkinz?

What you have to do is on the dock at the bottom it has a deluxe button you click on it and sign up from there. The membership never runes out

How do you become a duluxe membership on webkinz?

You must buy a deluxe membership from the Ganz eStore

How do you cancel a webkinz deluxe membership?

go to the estore and hit the cancel membership button

Can you buy the golden deluxe dragon in webkinz?

No, you have to have one year of Deluxe Membership and then you have to renew it to get the dragon.

What are some accounts that have membership for webkinz?

There are many accounts with Deluxe membership! Just go to the clubhouse or park and chat with people who have deluxe membership. You can add them as friends and then you'll know some accounts who are deluxe ;)

How do you become a deluxe membership on webkinz?

You have to pay for it there are different types thpugh

How do you get a deluxe membership on Webkinz?

You click on BE DELUXE and then you have to pay money monthly!

Where to find a deluxe webkinz?

you don't buy a deluxe webkinz. you have to buy the webkinz and then adopt it and then make an account and then have a credit card and then go to the estore and buy a deluxe membership and then make sure you put in your new webkinz account username! :D your welcome.

Where do you get the Webkinz deluxe membership?

It's quite simple. First when you go on the webkinz "log in or take a tour stuff?" I think you call it that?? Maybe. Anyway you can see the sign on the right/left (I don't know) Deluxe membership. Click on it and go through the deluxe rules and become a deluxe member! Have fun!=D