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You can Google it or if you already have the code type in the National Dex number and L then type the level you want and press R.

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Q: How do you get the calculator cheat so you can get any Pokemon you type in work?
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In Pokemon pearl I have tried the clone cheat for the master ball but it doesn't work. What is the real cheat?

i did not know there was that cheat but right now im frustrated over the Pokemon Pokemon cloning cheat. it work for me!

Is there a cheat that turns people into Pokemon in Pokemon pearl and how does it work?

no there is not a cheat for that but there are other cheats

Does the shiny Pokemon cheat work when you do not have it on?

It has to work, it is impossible to not work

What is the cheat to get all the Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

There is no cheat for catching all the Pokemon on Pokemon platinum. it's all down to hard work and persistence.

Do action replay codes work for you-cheat?

i have i-cheat and i typed in the code for Pokemon modifier but it didn't work so no

Where to type in code for Pokemon battle revo lution?

go to http;// and there will be a codebraker for wii and you enter the code and it will atomaticlly work with the cheat on

Does the cheat code modifier work for Pokemon diamond?

Yes and no depending on the Cheat code modifier.

What cheat code do you use to get snivy in Pokemon soul silver?

You can not use a cheat code you have to do it by work

What is the best Pokemon cheat ever?

The cheat that allow you to walk through tree.You can find the code for it on most Pokemon cheat websites. Note:im positive they only work on pc

I am looking for Pokemon accessories Action replay codes. for Pokemon Pearl and for Diamond. Can someone help please?

oh ya theres a code for that go on to and type in Pokemon diamon cheat codes it will work

How do you work out 4over9 divided by 2?

you have to type it in a calculator

Pokemon Pearl cheat 'copy' works?

to make the cheat work you must press select and up