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You retrieve the bow and arrow whilst in the temple of courage. You use it to defeat the boss there.

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Q: How do you get the bow arrow on phatom hourglass?
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What do you do after you have the bow and arrow phantom of the hourglass?

shoot the eye with the bow on the wall

How do you get the bow and arrow in the temple of courage on phantom hourglass?

it is in a treasure chest

Where do you get the shovel in Zelda Phatom Hourglass?

on molida island go romanos house

What Legend of Zelda games have toon link in them?

Wind Waker and Phatom Hourglass

What do you do after you have the bow and arrow in phantom hourglass and have shot it into the other arow thing?

Use it to get to the boss key and the and get to the boss.

How do you change using fairys in Zelda phatom hourglass?

you can't you have celia all the time

Where do you draw the figure 8 BOSS Bellum Zelda Phatom Hourglass?

Tap the hourglass at the bottom of the screen, then draw the symbol in the area provided, it will not show up, but it will work.

How do you move the crest in Zelda phatom hourglass?

Pull up the correct map and close the ds. When you open it the crest will be moved.

How do you crawl in the phatom hourglass?

You can't... you have to first get the Bombchu weapon and use that to go throught the holes...

What does Cupid carry with him?

a bow and arrow!

How do you get iec temple phatom hourglass?

First you have to help the chief of the Anouki figure out the person who is disguised as an ook and he'll let you go into the temple.

How do you get to the secret hide out in Molida island in Zelda Phatom Hourglass?

Use your shovel to dig in front the palm tree on the right of the mail box.