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Once your Bazaar reaches 25% the Fantastic Furniture Store will open. The only item available will be the Big Bed. It costs 10,000G. The store is located to the side of Raul's Shop. The owner of the stand is not a villager. After you buy the new Bed he won't have anything to sell until you get married. Then you can buy an even larger bed so you can have a child.

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Q: How do you get the big bed from the bazaar in harvest moon?
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How do you get a big bed on harvest moon grand bazaar?

You have to expand your Bazaar to 25%. Then the Fantastic Furniture Store will open. The only thing for sale will be the Big Bed. It costs 10,000G. If you get married you can buy an even bigger bed. You have to get that if you want to have a child.

How can you have a big money in harvest moon grand bazaar?

What you do is when you unlock the third windmill you mix fertilizer and fodder and you will get grass seeds. They will make a big profit at the bazaar!

Big bed in the game harvest moon magical melody?

in order to get the big bed u need to go to the workshop not junk shop

Harvest moon ds how to get big bed?

You must upgrade your house twice. Then wait for the Shopping Channel to start selling the Big Bed.

Is it normal to have two beds in harvest moon ds?

Yes it is, You will have a big bed, and your default bed (The bed you started out with) You will sleep in the default while your spouse and child sleep in the big bed.

How do you get big bed harvest moon friends of mineral town?

You Have to buy everything on the shopping channel

How do you get rid of the small bed in harvest moon ds?

You can't. Once you upgrade your house and get the big bed, the small bed will still be there no matter what. its for when you have your kid, and your kid will sleep on the big bed with your wife (or your husband for Harvest Moon Ds Cute) which I think is really weird cuz you should be sleeping with who you married, and your kid in the separate bed. but yeah, you can't get rid of it, its YOUR bed forever

In harvest moon ds your small bed is in front of your big bed how do you move your small bed so you can get to the big bed?

You will never sleep in your big bed. Only your husband/wife and your child will sleep in your bed. Unlike Magical Melody, you cannot move your furniture.

Where do you buy a big bed in harvest moon island of happiness?

There is no "Big Bed". You have to have 2 separate beds, The husband/wife bed, and you still have your own. You can buy the Husband/wife bed at Chen's shop once you upgraded your home.

Harvest moon friends of mineral town how to get big bed?

To get the big bed get the second house upgrade and watch tv shopping

When does your child come in harvest moon ds?

When your married. You have to have found at least 60 harvest spries, have a big bed in your home which can only be purchased at 2nd expansion and the person has to have a red heart.

What is it called when a moon is big and orange?

It is called a harvest moon.