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U find the dog at the park with a blue and white bathing suit on and become friends with it

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Q: How do you get the beach for petz dogz pack?
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How do you get the island on petz dogz pack?

There is no island. There is just a beach where you just play with your petz

Is there a difference between Petz My Puppy Family and Petz Dogz Pack?

Yeah, I bet Petz: My Puppy Family is the UK version of Petz Dogz Pack (US).

Can you get a rottweiler on petz dogz pack?


Petz dogz pack cheats?

petpetthirsthavfunHere Are Some

What are some cheat codes for Petz Dogz Pack?

=Some cheat codes for this game "Petz Dogz Pack" are:=1.aptcay2.petpet3.thirst4.havfun5.hawaii6.dgsrck

Can you breed dogs in petz dogz pack in the park?


What are the cheats for petz dogz pack?

2 of them are : petpet ,& 3heart,

How do you unlock the tenth dog in petz dogz pack?


How do you restart petz dogz pack?

If you look in your petz dogz pack instuction booklet on page 6, it says press L,X, and B Buttons and SELECT at the same time!

I can't get my dogz my to play with toys on petz dogz pack?

You got to give it time. Soon the dogz will get used to the toys and they will play with them!

A code to get things on petz dogz pack?

you can type in wetpet vetpet

What are the Petz Dogz Pack codes for house designs?

you tipe these passwords