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i think you have to beat the Pastoria Gym Leader first

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Q: How do you get the attension to the galactic grunt in pastoria city?
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How do you get the team galactic grunt in pastoria city to fight you in Pokemon platinum?

follow him still dont no where retrace your step how to get to pastoria city

Where is the key in Pokemon pearl team galactic warehouse?

The Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City has it. You need to bet the Gym to get it.

Where is the team galactic grunt in pastoria city?

Just at the Entrance of the Marsh, a Grunt will be standing.In order to proceed the story, you need to win over the Veilstone and Pastoria City Gym and Get Dawn's Pokedex back.

In Pokemon pearl for ds how do you get past the pyducks?

you get secret potion from Cynthia after you chase galactic grunt in pastoria city

What did you do wrong if the galactic grunt in pastoria city says he is still waiting for the package from the veilstone warehouse?

Have you defeated Crasher Wake yet.

How do you battle the grunt in pastoria city?

OK so to challenge the Grunt in Pastoria first Beat the Gym Leader then you'll talk to your rival then talk to him in front of the Croagunk thing, then follow wake and then chase the Galactic Grunt goon then after running after him you'l battle him! Hoped I helped you out!!

The fifth badge for Pokemon diamond?

go pastoria city go to the great marsh talk to the galactic grunt right in front of it keep following him

How do you get in the fifith gym in Pokemon diamond?

You must have defeated the Pastoria City Gym, chased the Galactic Grunt to Lake Valor, received the SecretPotion from Cynthia next to Lake Valor, went to Celestic Town, chased the Galactic Grunt from the ruins and talked to Cyrus, and received HM Surf.

How do you get special potion in Pokemon platinum?

After defeating the first five gym leaders, follow the Galactic Grunt that is in Pastoria City. After you chase him away, Cynthia will come talk to you and she'll give it to you.

Where is the galactic grunt key on Pokemon platinum?

you have to beat the snowpoint city gym leader go to the lake by the city go to the front of the galactic velstone bilding there will be a grunt talk to the grunt and he will drop the key

How can you get team galactic guy to run around?

in pastoria city after beating crasher wake talk to the grunt standing by the great marsh and he will start running, refusing to battle./ just keep following him

The Team Galactic Grunt in pastoria doesn't run away even after I got the first 4 badges?

I had that same problem. You have to beat the gym leader in veilstone city then the professors friend from the beginning will take you to fight team Galactic or whatever and then you go toPastoria city and talk to him and it goes on from there.