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Q: How do you get the animal crossing wild world charator you want?
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Does Animal Crossing Wild World have morning aerobics?

There are no morning aerobics on animal crossing: wild world. That is only in the original Animal Crossing game. You can get some friends together and do activities if you want, but there is no official morning aerobics.

What is the Animal Crossing wild world game name for action replay?

the name is animal crossing wild world.....u can name it watever u want 2 name it...

How do you talk on Animal Crossing wild world?

Buy animal crossing, you can't get the game from the wii speak!

Why do you have an axe on Animal Crossing Wild World?

You have an axe to chop down trees that you don't want.

What does kapp'n do in Animal Crossing?

Kapp'n is the animal that drives the bus to the city. he appears on DS (animal crossing Wild World) when you are creating a new resident, but in the Wii version (animal crossing Let's go to the City), he appears when you want to get the bus to go to the city. hope this helps =]

Do you have to water your plants when it's been raining on animal crossing wild world?

Type your answer here... No but you can if you want.

Can you get Animal Crossing Wild World for the Wii or can you only get Let's go to the city?

Sortof you can pack your "DS"suitcase" to send your character to the wii animal crossing. If you want to know how talk to rover on the wii, look at the wii animal crossing manual or go to the Nintendo channel theres a tutorial there

What is the Moving Van on Animal Crossing?

If you are trying to move from Animal crossing :wild world on ds to Animal Crossing: City Folk or Lets Go To The City, thenenter your animal crossing :WW into your ds and click ds download, then on AC:CF or LGTTC click that you want to move over from your ds when you start a new character, the moving van will then come upm on your nintendo. Hope this helps.

How many sparklers can you get animal on crossing wild world?

Well you can get 10 at a firework festival but if you have action replay you can get as many as you want.

How do you get rooms in your house on animal crossing wild world?

You have to pay a certain amount of money to the bank depending on what room you want

How do you you use Action Replay for Animal Crossing Wild World?

It wont always work because action replays dont work on some games but you insert the action replay then (without turning of the power) insert animal crossing, then click on the little star in the corner and animal crossing codes will come up , tick the ones you want, then it will say insert action replay so do that, it will say saving changes, then you insert animal crossing again and animal crossing will come straight on and you should have your cheats working. BUT! It wont always work, on my action replay, i do all that on some of my other games and it works but my animal crossing just freezes when you choose who you want to play as so i get no cheats :(

Can you have a baby on Animal Crossing city folk?

You can have a baby on animal crossing city folk. i have 5 friends in this game that have babies already but there are people out there who do not want to share the knowledge with the world which is why many people who want them. If there is anyone out there who knows how to have a baby in this game, plz be so kind as to tell us how to do it.