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To get the TV shopping channel, you must buy an item from Karen's Supermarket every day for ten days. After you do, he will be rescued (and the rescuing scene will be played). You can order the products he advertises over the phone.

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Q: How do you get the TV shopping on harvest moon ds?
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How do you get a kitchen in harvest moon ds?

you get it from tv shopping

How do you get the kitchen on harvest moon ds?

Get tv shopping channel, then upgrade your house.

Where do you get a oven on harvest moon ds?

To get an oven you have to order it on the tv shopping channel.

How do you unlock TV shopping in Harvest Moon DS?

Purchase an item from Karen's store for a total of 10 days.

What is the last TV Shopping item in Harvest Moon DS not ds cute?

The Big Bed Is the last item. Also a requirement to get married. It cost 10,000 G.

How do you get the frying pan in harvest moon ds?

first you need to get the tv shopping channel on the sprite station. then buy the kitchen. and then buy the frying pan. the tv shopping channel is on channel 2.

How do you get the tv shopping sprite channel in harvest moon ds cute?

you have to buy the same item from karens supermarket for ten days straight. hope this helped!!

How can you get the shopping channal in harvest moon ds?

Every day for 10 days you need to buy atleast one item from the Supermarket by using your phone. Then a TV sprite should appear and you will get the Shopping Channel.

Where is the Toolbox in harvest moon?

Harvest Moon Magical Melody: it's in your house when you start the game. Harvest Moon DS: you can buy it from the TV shopping channel channel 2, but to get channel 2 you have to shop for 10 days at the supermarket (you don't have to shop 10 days in a row, just 10 days). Harvest Moon GameBoy: you have all of your tools in a shed.

Where can you get a steamer in harvest moon ds?

Once you have the kitchen you can buy all the apliences through the Harvest shopping network.

Where can you Buy A clock on Harvest Moon ds Cute?

When it shows up on the shopping channel

Can you get Harvest Moon DS on Wii?

No. Harvest Moon DS is for the DS only. There are other Harvest Moon games for the Wii.