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The Prof. Purplex egg is by the far right tree in Wobbly Woods.

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Q: How do you get the Prof Purplex egg on Moshi Monsters?
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What is the last clue for super moshi on moshi monsters on egg hunt?

Find the egg and moshiling

What is the golden egg for on moshi monsters?

it is for you to hatch

Where is the first Moshi Monsters egg?

up my house

Who is in the egg on moshi monsters?

last time a moshling egg hatched it was hiphop

Where are the epics on the missing egg mission on Moshi Monsters?

The Missing Moshling Egg Super Moshi Mission on Moshi Monsters does not have any EPICS. EPICS were not added to the Super Moshi Missions until Season 2.

How do you get the egg filled with moshlings on moshi monsters?

the code is GIANTEGGY

How do you get the egg out of the cage on moshi monsters?

you make the shrink poshin

How do you hatch an egg on Moshi Monsters in one day?

You can not hatch an egg on Moshi Monsters in one day. It takes a week to hatch an egg, but if you click on the egg, it will hatch sooner. Be careful not to click on it more than 3 times a day.

Who do you get from moshling eggs on Moshi Monsters?

You get moshlings from moshling eggs on Moshi Monsters. Currently (November 2012), you can get Honey, and Ecto from a moshling egg.

Where is the second egg in captain bucks egg hunt moshi monsters?

The second egg is on Blerg Beach

How do you find busters missing egg on moshi monsters?

you have to have good eyes

How do you get the Burnie egg on Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo?

eat chocolate