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Hiker on route 36

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Q: How do you get the HM rock smash on Pokemon HeartGold version?
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How do you get rock smash on Pokemon Red version?

rock smash isn't in Pokemon red version

How do you get a move called rock smash on Pokemon HeartGold?

you defeat a gym leader

What Pokemon can use rock smash?

A wide variety of Pokemon can use Rock Smash. Most Fighting, Rock and Ground type Pokemon can learn the move Rock Smash from the TM or HM depending on the Pokemon version.

How do you smash rocks in Pokemon white version?

You use the Rock Smash TM

Pokemon red version where to get rocksmash?

there is no rock smash in Pokemon Red. there are only 5 HM's in Red version. the rock smash was introduced in the Silver and Gold versions.

How do you get the Rock Smash in Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold?

You can Acquire it from the Large Boy on Route 36.

How do you find fossils in Pokemon HeartGold?

You use rock smash and can sometimes find fossils.

Pokemon heartgold where do you get the move rock smash?

a man near violet city gives it u

How do you smash rugged rocks in Pokemon Sapphire version how do you break rugged rocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

HM06 Rock Smash

In sapphire version what does prof Birch mean when he says there might be a Pokemon that can be found using rock smash?

he means go up to a rock and use rock smash and maybe a Pokemon will jump out.

What HMS do you need for victory road in Pokemon HeartGold?

rock smash water fall strengh surf and flash

Where to find hm rock smash in Pokemon heart gold?

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the Rock Smash HM in Route 36, a fat guy will give it to you.yes. but flash in no longer an HM