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In National Park, behind the white fences, I think.

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Q: How do you get soothe bell in HeartGold?
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Where do you get soothe bell in pokemon heartgold?

You trade any Pokemon for Jasmine's Steelix, and it will be holding a Soothe Bell.

Where to get the smooth bell in HeartGold?

there is no smooth bell but there is a soothe that you can get in national park.

How do you get a soothe bell in pokemon heartgold?

National Park in Johto.

How do you get a soothe bell in heartgold?

You receive the soothe bell after defeating the 5 kimono girls, at some point throughout the game you will bump into each one of them and are required to help them. Towards the end of the game you will have to visit the city where they are and will battle them one after the other until either you fail or they are all defeated, once they are all defeated you will receive the soothe bell. - quick side note- The soothe bell in only acquirable in soulsilver in heartgold you receive the rainbow wing after defeating the kimono girls which allows you access to catch HoHo.

Where do you get a soothe bell from on gold?

You can't get a Soothe Bell in Gold, but you can get the Soothe Bell by trading with Jasmine in Heart Gold.

Where do you get soothe bell in Pokemon Gold?

thare is no soothe bell in gold.

Where is the soothe bell?

The soothe bell is found in the Pokemon Mansion on route 212. The soothe bell is given to the player by the maid on the second floor.

How do you make Togepi happy in Pokemon heaRTGOLD?

Get a Soothe Bell, walk with it, get it hair cuts at the Goldenrod Underground Tunnel, let it win battles.

How do you get soothe bell in ruby?

to get soothe bell talk to an woman in the fan club

Where to find soothe bell in platinum?

Get Cheryl out of eterna forest and she will reward you with a soothe bell.

How do you get the soothe bell on Pokemon Crystal?

Nowhere. The soothe bell was introduced in ruby/sapphire

Where are all the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Diamond?

You find a soothe bell at the Pokemon mansion