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The only way to get Snubbull on Pokemon LeafGreen is by trading for one from Pokemon Emerald. Snubbull can be found in the Safari Zone extension of Pokemon Emerald which is unlocked by earning the National Pokedex.

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Q: How do you get snubbull on pokemon leafgreen?
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Where is Snubbull in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there isn't a place sorry

Where is granbull on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must trade from Pokemon Emerald to get Snubbull on Leaf Green.

Where do you find a snubbull on Pokemon LeafGreen?

trade granbull (its evouloution) from colloseum, then breed

What type of Pokemon is Snubbull?

Snubbull is a Normal type pokemon.

Where is snubbull in Pokemon FireRed?

In order to get Snubbull in Pokemon Fire Red you must do a trade for him. In Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Diamond Snubbull can be found on Route 209.

Where do you get snubull in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Snubbull cannot be caught in Pokémon LeafGreen, it can only be traded from Pokémon Emerald. Snubbull can be caught in Pokémon Emerald's safari zone in an unlocked area after getting Pokémon Emerald's national pokedex.

Where do you find a snubbull on Pokemon Emerald?

Snubbull is a rare Pokemon that can only be found in the Safari Zone extension in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you catch Snubbull on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch Snubbull on Route 38 & Route 39

How do you find a Snubbull in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You catch Snubbull in Route 37 and 38

How do you find snubbull in Pokemon ruby version?

Only emerald can catch snubbull in the safari zone.

What is the national pokedex number for Snubbull?

Snubbull is #209 in the national pokedex, and it is a Fairy type Pokemon.

When does snubbull evolve in Pokemon emerald?