How do you get skins on your ttds or ttdsi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well i typed in ttds skins on Google and many sites come up click on 1 you like and down load it and then go to your system folder and then delete whats there and then dag over what u need

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Q: How do you get skins on your ttds or ttdsi?
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Where can you get a ttdsi?

www.ttdscard.comthey have r4's and the ttdsi and the ttds

You have to use a dsi AR to use cheats?

You can also use a ttds or ttdsi

How do you put cheat codes onto a TTDS?

ttdsi means top toy dsi

Does the TTds work on the dsi?

Nope, not if u get the stupid update in DSi shop

Is there a ttds that works with the dsi?

you need to buy a ttdsi for your dsi because i know from personal experience that a ttds doesn't work for a dsi

Where can you buy a ttdsi card?


Is the TTdsi good?

i have heard it is but i prefer the R4i

Where to get ttds menu? TTDS English v.1.17 MENU

I want to play a GBA game on my ttds but when I load the game onto the cart nothing comes out. I went to ask experts they said that I have to download a GBA loader onto ny ttds. Where do I get that?

If you want to play gba games on a ttds then you need a gba emulator compatible for the ttds but i don't think there is one.

Where do you get ttds?

You can get them off the internet, just search buy ttds. Also it depends where you live but there might be some shops around that sell them

Where to get Internet for ttds?

ds hobro

Can you use Linux for TTDS?