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You make them be nice and romantic to each other

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Q: How do you get sims to marry each other?
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How do sims marry each other when they are married to other sims?

Get them to break up with their old partners first.

How do you get your sims to marry each other on sims pets 2?

i dont no tryin 2 find out my self

Can you get two males to marry each other on sims 3 ambitions?


How do you marry someone from a different house on sims 2?

To marry someone from a different house you first have to make your sims fall in love with each other. then click on the sim from the other house and find propose. tada! that should do it.

How do you get your girlfriend to marry you in the sims for PC i?

You have to build up their relationship. And later when they grow fond of each other, have the dude ask the girl to marry him, as she prob will! Have fun!

How do you build a Marriage in Sims 2?

First get 2 Sims that are attracted to each other then get them to really like each other then get them to propose then to marry. This may take a bit of time but it's worth it. You can alos have a engament party when they get ingaged. :)

How do you get a sim to accept a proposal on The Sims 2 game?

They have to like each other on a love level and then you should have a option to marry them.

The Sims how to get a sim pregnant?

you have to marry them and make them live together, if they like each other enough they will WooHoo if you know what i mean

How can you marry someone in the sims1 for PC?

You have to have sims from different household and they have to be 100% in love with each other, then in time the option 'Propose' will appear.

Sims life stories how do you get them to marry?

Easy! Get two people, make them REALLY like each other and just have them move in or something and then pick one of the people and Choose 'Marry'. hope this helped!!!

Can other Sims murder each other?

no but they can die Accuactly, sims CAN murder each other. Go and download the guns.

How two vampires can marry sims 3?

The same way any two sims can marry in the Sims 3