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In this game you can get stars on your file. Here's how to get them.

Star 1- Beat the game once (you can use Warp Cannons)

Star 2- Beat all the ''normal'' levels (you don't need to find secret exits)

Star 3- Collect all 207 Star Coins in the first 8 worlds

Star 4- Collect all 24 Star Coins in World 9

Star 5- Beat every level, find every secret exit, and use all the Warp Cannons

Sparkly Stars- Beat the game without making a Super Guide Block appear

(Don't die more than 8 times in a level)

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Q: How do you get save file stars on new super Mario bros. wii?
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How do you get all 5 stars on select a file new super Mario bros Wii?

By dying 600 times for each level.

How do you turn into Mario on new Super Mario Bros?

Normally select a file on "select a file" screen.

What are the stars for on the select file screen for in super Mario?

4 stars

How do you get luigi in Mario bros?

If you're talking about New Super Mario Bros then when you're going into your file, press L and R and then tap your file. It should work. Should.

How do you get luigi on Mario?

on new super Mario bros. ds, just hold down L&R then, select a file.

What Mario games have Yoshi?

If you mean the games that involve defeating Bowser and rescuing Peach... Super Mario World (Playable with Mario) Super Mario 64 (Unplayable) Super Mario Sunshine (Playable with Mario) Super Mario 64 DS (Playable) New Super Mario Bros. (Playable in multiplayer minigames) Super Mario Galaxy (Save file icon) New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Playable with Mario or other characters) Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Playable with Mario/Luigi)

How do you be luigi in new Super Mario Brothers DS?

You be Luigi in New super Mario bros DS by holding L + R while choosing any save file.

What happens if you collect all the star coins in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

You will get one of the three stars next to your file, and you will be able to open ever star gate and buy every background.

How do you be luigi in new super Mario bros besides Mario vs luigi and the action replay?

hold L and R while selecting file.

Codes for new Super Mario Bros DS?

go to the file select screen hold down L+ R then select file to be luigi

Is there a Super Mario Brothers for ps3?

Although the previous answer said no, I have this game for my playstation 3 console. All you are required to do is download a Super Mario Bros. file into your playstation and activate it using a clean disc.

How do you get Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

To get her as a file icon, you need to get 120 stars and clear the level in Bowser's Galaxy Generator. To get her on Starship Mario, you need to get all 240 stars.