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Just keep on playing your game and Baoba or whoeva he is will call u and say new items have been added. Just keep waiting and they will come.

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Q: How do you get safari zone forest items in Pokemon heart gold?
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What are peak items in the safari zone on Pokemon heart gold?

they are items that can be placed in the safari zone . they may help find rare Pokemon

How do you place items in the safari zone in Pokemon heart gold?

You can't place things in the safari zone.

Where do you get chimecho in Pokemon SoulSilver?

go to the safari zone ,in the forest area and place 10 forest items or so......I hope I helped.

Where do you find Menectric on SoulSilver?

You can only find Menectric in the Safari Zone. Safari Zone Plains- place 15 Plains items Safari Zone Rocky Beach- 10 Forest items Safari Zone Wasteland- 3 Plains items

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get bagon?

Safari Zone (special items)

What do you get in the safarizone on Pokemon Diamond?

Some hidden items are in the Safari Zone as well as some Pokemon.

Can you catch a salamance or Bagon in Pokemon Heartgold?

Bagon, you can catch in the safari zone by using 9 small rocks and 19 forest items in the swamp, but Salamence, I don't think so...

How do you get lotad in pokemon heartgold?

You can get lotad in the safari zone if you place the right items. to find out exactly how look at the pokemon marriland or serebii safari zone guide.

What rare Pokemon do you find in the safari zone in soul silver?

Manectric (use 10 forest items in rocky beach) Zangoose (use 15 rock items in the plains) Houndoom (use 15 rock items in the plains) Eevee (use 50 sand items in meadow)

Where can you catch a zangoose on Pokemon HeartGold?

Safari Zone with 15 peak items layed out

How do you get safari zone block items in Pokemon soul silver?

First you have to pass two tests than baoba will call you and than you can place items in the safari zone Hoped this helped

Where do you get forest items on Pokemon soul silver?

buy it a the store