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If you invite your friends using the tell a friend page on Moshi Monsters then if they sign up, and activate and use their account, then you'll be rewarded with Rox.

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Q: How do you get rox when you invite your friends on moshi monsters?
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How do you get the friends trophy on Moshi Monsters?

You get this when someone invite you to play this game.Click Invite friend get rox below your moshi monster screen to invite friend.

In moshi monsters how do you invite friends?

sign in then at the bottom of your room there should be a button that says invite friends get rox click that and there u go!

How do you invite friends to your home on moshi monsters?

when you sign in, there is a thing at the bottem that says "invite friends. get roxs" you click that, then how you get rox is you send it to a friend and if they get a account, you get 150 roxs. add me i am azaraaron

Can you give your friends rox on moshi monsters?

sorry but you cant

How do you steal Rox on Moshi Monsters?

You can not steal Rox on Moshi Monsters.

Can you give your friends your Rox or your stuff on Moshi Monsters?

No, but you can send gifts to your friends.

Is there any secret way that you can get tons of money on moshi monsters?

No But There Are Some Rox Codes that come out in Moshi Magazines and stuff and there used to be one for 1000 rox but it doesn't work any more; here are some but don't be surprised if they don't work:WHSMITHREADERBONUS50MILLIONIf you want 150 rox then invite all your friends to play moshi monsters and if they do for every person that joins that you invited they get a friendship trophy and you get 150 rox.

Can you get lots of money on Moshi Monsters?

No. You can not get money on Moshi Monsters. Rox are used as the currency in the Moshi Monsters game. To get a lot of Rox, you need to do the activities on Moshi Monsters as often as possible, watch for Rox codes, and save up your Rox.

How can you send rox to your friend in moshi monsters?

u cant send rox to ur friends sry

How do you get 100000 Rox on Moshi Monsters?

You can not get 1,000,000 Rox on Moshi Monsters. The limit your account can hold is 999,999 Rox.

How do you automatically get Rox on Moshi Monsters?

When you first start your account you get Rox. After that, there is no way to automatically get Rox on Moshi Monsters.

How do you get 1000 Rox just to get a friend on moshi monsters?

You do not need Rox to get friends on Moshi Monsters. Just go to the friend's room, click on the Friend Tree, and ask them to be your friend.