How do you get rock climb in SS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When you get all 16 badges, go to Oak's lab and he'll give you the HM

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Q: How do you get rock climb in SS?
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How do you get the hm rock climb on Pokemon heartgold?

To get the HM rock climb(hg and SS)You must beat all of the 16 gym leaders OR you can trade a Pokemon who knows rock climb like my level 100 Empoleon

Where do you find rock climb in pokemon soulsilver?

To get rock climb in HG/SS you have to beat Blue's Pokemon gym in Veridian City first. Then, go talk to Professor Oak. He will give you the HM rock climb. Note: If you trade a Pokemon from D/P/P , even if you taught it rock climb, you cant use it until you beat Varidian gym.

Where do you get the HMS Strength and Rock Climb?

D/P: HM04 Strength: Lost Tower HM08 Rock Climb: Route 217 in snow Pt: HM04 Strength: Iron Island from Riley HM08 Rock Climb: Route 217 in snow HG/SS: HM04 Strength: Route 42 from Hiker HM08 Rock Climb: Pallet Town from Prof. Oak

How do you get Rock climb in Pokemon SS?

After you beat all 16 badges go to Proffesor Oak's Lab and he will give it to you. Hope this helped ya

Where to get rock climb in pearl?

Rock climb is located in Route 217.

How to get rock climb in diamond?

you get the rock climb HM and give it to a Pokemon that use it

When was Amber Rock Climb created?

Amber Rock Climb was created in 2010.

Where do you get rock climb Pokemon Platinum?

The HM Rock climb is on route 217.

Where To Get The HM Rock Climb?

The HM Rock climb can be found on route 217. The icicle Gym badge is required to use Rock climb outside of battle.

How do you get the move rock climb in heartgold and soul silver?

You get rock climb at the one of the gyms

Where do you get HM rock climb for a Pokemon?

You find HM rock climb on route 217.

What city is rock climb in Pokemon platnium?

Rock Climb is on your way to Snowpoint City.