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teach a flying Pokemon defog and use it

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Q: How do you get rid of the fog in Pokemon pearl?
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Foggy city Pokemon Pearl?

There is no "Foggy city" in Pokemon Pearl it is a route celestic town you can use defog ( a hm when you beat the 4th ) to get rid of the fog.

Whenever you go diving there all mist how do you get rid of it on Pokemon emerald?

If you have the hm surf, you can use it to get rid of the fog

How do you get rid of the 95 explorer kits in the mail section on Pokemon pearl?

you can't!

How do you get rid of a technique in Pokemon Pearl?

You can go to the Move Deleter in Canalave City.

What Pokemon do you need to get rid of the fog in Chroma Ruins?

AnswerThe only Pokemon which has the Field Move Defog is Skarmory. This Pokemon is found in Chroma Ruins, just North of the entrance. Once you have captured this Pokemon, you are able to clear the fog over Chroma Ruins.

Pokemon pearl- where do you get the ability to make misty things bright?

If you are meaning Defog to get rid of the fog in certain areas like deep in Mt. Coronet, you can get it as a HM by talking to one of the men in Pastoria City's Great Marsh near entrance of the Safari.

What do you use the hidden move defog fore on Pokemon diamond verdion?

to get rid or fog or mist who is stopping your sight of playing

How do you use defog in Pokemon black?

defog is no longer a hm move but if you want to get rid of it go to the place with fog on your birthday

How do you get rid of the girl in victory road on diamond and pearl?

You cant until you reach the Pokemon league

How do you get rid of the magikrps in Pokemon pearl?

Use repel. You can buy one at the Pokemart (blue roof).

In Pokemon pearl how do you give a Pokemon without getting one back?

u cant if u want to get rid of a Pokemon just put it in a PC then click it if it says release press it and it will be gone if ur not getting rid of a Pokemon then u cant

How do you get rid of brain fog?

To get rid of brain fog, take a walk to clear your mind. You can also take a cool shower.