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well it depends what you meen by getting rid of games is it to get rid of mini games or is it to get rid of the game? to get rid of mini games just stop playing them and to get rid of the game just go to say best buy or GameStop and they will take it gladly you may not get alot but you get money and you get rid of it.

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Q: How do you get rid of games in HeartGold?
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How do you sell hm's on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't get rid of HMs in heartgold.

How do you get rid of date on Pokemon HeartGold?

figuer it out

How do you get rid of key items in HeartGold?

you cant

How do you rid of team rocket in Pokemon HeartGold?

get a rare pokemon thats what i did

How do you get rid of HMS in your bag in Pokemon heartgold?

double click on them then click toss

What is the middle game of Souldew and HeartGold?

The games are called HeartGold and SoulSilver, not SoulDew. And there is no middle game (yet).

Which of these is real Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon Solid Gold?

The new Pokémon games will be called HeartGold and SoulSilver.

What is the old gatueu in HeartGold?

An Old Gatuea gets rid of any status problem -cooldude335

How do you get an Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold Read more httpwikianswerscomQHow do you get an Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

You dont get Arceus in HeartGold. You need to trade one from another HeartGold or SoulSilver or trade one from the Sinnoh region games. WARNIG: IF YOU HAVE AN ARCEUS ON BLACK OR WHITE YOU CAN NOT TRADE IT BACK TO THE JOHTO OR SINNOH GAMES.

Can Pokemon HeartGold communicate with Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon HeartGold can communicate with all the DS Pokemon games. :c)

Where do you catch mewthree in Pokemon HeartGold?

Mewthree isn't a Pokemon in HeartGold. Most likely it is said to be a rumor for the games.

How do you play HeartGold on the PC?

You can not Pokemon Heartgold is a Nintendo DS game and you can only play PC games on the PC