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u can use a version of the cloning glitch too delete it from your game permenantly

step1: go to batle tower at the battle frontier and save with bad egg in your party

step2: deposit bad egg and ONLY bad egg into an empty box on the pc

step3: go to the nearest lady behind the desk and enter the challenge with two ramdom pokemon

step4: when she says "before entering a battle room your progress will be saved. is that okay" say yes when she says do you want to save your game restart it and the bad egg is gone!!!!!

verified by ME!!!!!!

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Q: How do you get rid of bad eggs in Pokemon emerald?
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What is the gameshark code to get rid of bad egg in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get rid of bad eggs in Pokemon diamond?

you can't they're permanent. Sorry! ^.^

What is the code to get ridof the bad egg in Pokemon platum?

you can not get rid of bad eggs unless you restart the game sorry

How do get rid of sudowudo in Pokemon emerald?

Water it with a watering can!

How can you get rid of bad eggs in Pokemon fire red?

trade the bad egg to someone else. or if you are using an emulator, trade the bad eggs to another profile of your own that you don't use and once it is full of bad eggs, delete that profile. I hope this helps

How do you get rid of team aqua in pokemon emerald?

Get rid of them in which instance...Msg me..and I will help u..:)

How do you get rid of bad egg in emerald?

Recentely my Firered was attacked by the bad egg normally the game would freeze when you receive then it will go away but if its stuck there you must erase your game transfer your Pokemon to another game and erase all data on your emerald by going to the title screen holding up, B and select then press A on Yes. Actually, there is a glitch that enables me to get rid of bad egg in emerald, but JUST in emerald. Here it is(follows the instructions of cloning the Pokemon) 1.Go to the battle tower. 2.Go to the PC, and withdraw a Pokemon you want to remove(bad eggs are needed) 4. deposit all your Pokemon(also bad eggs) that you withdraw(i mean those you want to remove). Don't save after this 5.Talk to the lady that leads you to the multi link battles. 6.Select two Pokemon you want to (not really) use and select yes. 7.When game asks "do you want to save your game?" don't do anything just reset your game 8.go to the someone's/lannete's PC and a bad egg should be there no more.

How do you get rid of the rocks in the secret base on Pokemon emerald?

u cant

What is the action replay code to get rid of bad eggs on pokemon pearl?

You do know you could just turn off the game without saving.

Whenever you go diving there all mist how do you get rid of it on Pokemon emerald?

If you have the hm surf, you can use it to get rid of the fog

What is a bad egg in Pokemon action replay?

A bad egg is an egg that will NEVER hatch and because you can't get rid of eggs unless you trade them they are just irritating and a waist of space

What does the bad egg do?

If, a bad egg hatches it CAN DESTROY YOUR FILE ANY MESS UP YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE GAME (how to get rid of bad eggs) if you have the cloning cheat then clone the bad egg into a Pokemon. if you don't it will stay there FOREVER.