How do you get porygon 2?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Have a porygon hold upgrade then trade and boom its a porygon 2.

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Q: How do you get porygon 2?
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Pokemon Ranger- where is Porygon?

there is porygon-2 but not porygon. porygon-2 is in oil field hideout

What does porygon evolve into?

Porygon 2 and porygon- z

What do you do with the upgrade when you catch a porygon?

give it to porygon and trade to get porygon-2

Where do you get a stone that evolves a Porygon?

You have to have the up-grade then trade it to evolve into Porygon-2 and then a dubilicius disc for Porygon-2 to evolve into Porygon-Z

Where can you catch Porygon 2 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must evolve Porygon (From Celadon) using the UpGrade to Porygon 2.

How do you elove porygon?

you evolve a porygon by trading it. then you get porygon 2. then you evolve porygon 2 by trading. then you get porygon-z. P.S. if you still want your porygon 2/Z trade back. make sure you get it back trade with your brother,sister,friend ECT.

What does porygon evolve into in Pokemon?

Porygon can evolve into Porygon 2, while holding an Upgrade and traded. Even further, Porygon 2 can evolve into Porygon Z, while holding a Dubious Disc and traded.

What do upgrades do in Pokemon platinum?

you give porygon the upgrade then trade it to get a porygon 2 then you give your porygon 2 another upgrade and trade yet again to get a porygon-z

What is the dublious disc for Pokemon?

if you give it to a porygon 2 and then trade it it will evolve into a porygon z to get a porygon 2 you must give a upgrade to a porygon and then trade it and it shall evolve!

How do you evolve Porygon 2 in Pokemon FireRed?

If you mean how do you evolve Porygon into Porygon 2, you give it the Up-Grade item and then trade it. But if you actually mean evolve Porygon 2, you can't; Porygon Z wasn't introduced until Generation IV.

What does the doubes disk do on Pokemon?

It evolves Porygon 2 into Porygon-Z when you trade Porygon 2 while it is holding the Dubious Disc.

What does the up-grade do in Pokemon?

The item up-grade is meant to be held by porygon and traded. Then it will evolve into porygon 2. Then if you give porygon 2 a dubios disc and trade it, you'll get a porygon z.