How do you get past viridian city?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Through the Viridian Forest. It says so in game,

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Q: How do you get past viridian city?
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Where is viridian forest on HeartGold?

There is no Viridian Forest in D/P. Viridian forest is a location in the Kanto games only.

Pokemon hg ss how do you get past the guy blocking viridian city?

Go around. You have to get to Viridian City to make him move. after beating the elite 4, take the S.S. Anne (or whatever it's called) in Olivine to Kanto.

Where is blue in the viridian in silver version?

He won't be in viridian at first he will be at cinnibar island if you talk to him he will go to the gym in viridian city go to viridian city to battle him.

How do you get to viridian?

Viridian city is north from pallet town.

Pokemon HeartGold Where is viridian forest?

In kanto, south of pewter city, north of viridian city.

Where can you catch a poliwhirl in viridian city in leafgreen?

Use a super rod in the water at viridian city.

How do you get to viridian city from Cerulean city if you have not bin there before?

You Cant be in Cerulian if you haven't been to Viridian.

How do you get to petwer city on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You go to Viridian City then go up get through the Viridian forest and then you get to Pewter City

Where is viridian forest in Pokemon HeartGold?

In the Kanto region above Viridian City

How do you reach viridian city in Pokemon FireRed?

go through viridian forest

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get Pikachu?

You can get Pikachu in the Viridian forest south of Viridian City.

How do you get to the last leader in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to viridian city and go to that gym Go to viridian city and go to that gym