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you have to collect the HM move whirpool from somewhere dah, hense the whirlpool problem

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Q: How do you get past the whirlpool in dragon's den?
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How do you get through dragons den?

you have to have whirlpool and then you go around the stones of the dragons den use whirlpool and make your way to the door

How do you get the last gym leader in his gym in gold?

Go to the buiding in the dragons den(the dragons den is behind the gym). You will need Whirlpool and Surf.

Wont let you use whirlpool in dragons den?

I did not have any issues. Make sure you have the Pokemon with that knows Whirlpool with you. Press A when facing a whirlpool and you should be able to cross it.

How do you beat the dragons den in soul silver?

you need the hm surf and Whirlpool and get into the other side of the building then after that you can get out!

How can you get through dragons den?

This ones easy. when you get down there you surf to the left. then you use whirlpool on the whirlpool that blocks the way.(if this is crystal then their should be a house just past the whirlpool to the right) if this is g/s then after the whirlpool surf all the way to the right until you find a stretch of land. walk up to the top and pick up the item that's their.

How do you get past dragons den in HeartGold?

first you must deffeat clair

How do you entre dragons den in pokemon shiny gold?

surf to this little training house but a whirlpool is in ur way so use whirlpool to get passed it then answer some qeustions the master asks u and u will get the final badge,then later when u beat the entire game(even kanto) if u go back to dragons den u can get a free dratini!

How do you get to the dragons den Pokemon SoulSilver?

First u have to have all 8 gym badges.the water obove blackthorn city is YOUR path.use surf ride to the cave looking thingy.walk walk walk surf straight.a whirlpool u need the HM whirlpool.then.........................................WELCOME TO DRAGONS DEN!

What is the duration of Dragons' Den UK?

The duration of Dragons' Den - UK - is 3600.0 seconds.

How do you get to the drangon dens in Pokemon Silver?

You need to take a Pokemon with you that knows the move 'Whirlpool' and 'Surf' then you have to surf around the side of the Shrine and use Whirlpool, then continue surfing and go through the doors into the Shrine Hope This Helped DidYouKnowImStupid Sources: The Game

When was Dragons' Den - UK - created?

Dragons' Den - UK - was created on 2005-01-04.

When was Dragons' Den - Canada - created?

Dragons' Den - Canada - was created on 2006-10-03.