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move the dot on ur radio to the very top. this is the pokeflute channel. use it in front of the snorlax to wake it up. it will attack and you should probably catch it. its the only snorlax in the game.

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Q: How do you get past the sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon Soul Silver game?
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What level is the sleeping Snorlax in soul silver?

Lv. 50

How do you wake-up the sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon soul silver?

get a radio card and play the poke flut song on you radio

How do you wake up the sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon soul silver?

good question. use your pokegear andplay the music. press a next to it

What Pokemon have you to catch with master ball in Pokemon soul silver?


Pokemon soul silver how to wake up Snorlax?

The Pokeflute!!!!

Is Snorlax a good Pokemon in soul silver?

Yes. Snorlax has amazing amounts of HP, which make him very bulky.

Where is Snorlax located at in Pokemon soul silver version?

Outside of diglets cave

Where do you find a guy how wants to trade a Snorlax in Pokemon soul silver?

in heaven

What if you don't catch the Snorlax do you ever get another chance at it on Pokemon soul silver?


How do you get a poke flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can't get the poke flute on soul silver however you can get it on the poke radio to wake the sleeping snorlax blocking entrance to diglets cave.

Can Snorlax learn giga impact?

Imran: Yes Snorlax can learn giga impact. When I caught the Snorlax Lvl50 that was sleeping in front of Digletts Cave it knew Giga Impact in Pokemon Heartgold and Soul Silver. I do not know about other pokemon games in which you can catch Snorlax that they would know Giga Impact or not. But of course you can teach Snorlax Giga Impact with a TM. So, yes Snorlax can learn Giga Impact.

Does the white Pokemon flute wake up Snorlax in Pokemon soul silver?

you have to get the kanto radio and use the Pokemon flute channel on it