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go to icefall cave on island 4, beat team rocket, and he'll be gone

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Q: How do you get past the scientist in Ruin Valley in Fire Red Version?
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What island is the ruin valley on in Pokemon fire red?

a valley on six island

Why is it when you go back to the ruin valley the scientist is still there?

he always stays i dont know why

Where is ruin valley FireRed?

Ruin valley is the southern portion of six island.

Wheres ruin valley?

Ruin Valley is a location exclusive to Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. Ruin Valley can be found in the south of Fortune Island in the Sevii Islands.

Where is the ruin valley in fire red and Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes on the seventh island.

What region is ruin valley in FireRed?

ruin valley is on six island part of the sevii islands which are technically located in the kanto region.

How do you get in the cave in ruin valley in FireRed?

It is south of the Pokemon center on island 5. If there is a scientist blocking the way go to icefall cave in island 4 and beat team rocket.

Pokemon - ruin valley dotted hole?

When the scientist is not in front of the door, use Cut in front of it. when you go down the hole, here is the pattern up left right and/or down

Where is ruin valley in pokemon leafgreen?

to get to ruin valley on Pokemon leafgreen you have to get the ruby in mt. Ember and bring it back to celio then go to six island

Where is the ruin city in FireRed?

there is only a ruin valley which is on six island the south of the island to be in fact.

Which trainer in Pokemon FireRed has golem?

On six island a ruin maniac in ruin valley has a golem.

How do you get a sun stone in Pokemon FireRed version?

Go to Ruin Valley on 6 Island - When you get to the grassy portion, head south. Push the rocks near the southern bend to get the Sun Stone.