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You have to visit the battle tower thingy first, then they let you past

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Q: How do you get past the people on Route 230 in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get past the people blocking route 225 on Pokemon diamond?

Complete the pokedex.

How do you get past the two guys blocking route 230 on Pokemon diamond?

you get the National Dex.

Are you going to past root sixteen on your way to spere pillar in Pokemon diamond?

no because Route 16 is on Pokemon leafgreen and firered

How do you get past the guys blocking the way to route 230 in Pokemon diamond?

complete the sinnoh dex.hope this helps:)

What do you have to do to get past the blackout on route 222 in Pokemon diamond version?

you have to catch dialga on spear piller first

Pokemon diamond How do you past the two guys near route 230?

they went away after i visited the resort area

How do you get past the people guarding lake valor in Pokemon diamond?

i dont no

Is there a route past route 24 in Pokemon platinum?

There is, in fact, no route past route 24

How to get past the 2 maids in Pokemon mansion route 219 on Pokemon diamond?

You can't. But on Pokemon platnium you can battle the maids standing at the left wing daily to win prizes.

How do you get past two men blocking route 230 in soul silver?

if you mean in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum you need to get the national dex!

How do you get past the two people blocking route 225 in Pokemon platinum?

get natinol dex!

Where Can you find the Pokemon Ralts in Pokemon Diamond?

it is simple. go just past jubilife city and head to oreburgh. you should be able to catch one using a PokeRadar on route 203.