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First, you must buy the most expensive bed. Then, eat something that is high in energy. Then, go to the rock. Click on the rock and select "inspect". If you don't want to buy the bed or eat the food, then enter the cheat -+zza. That will fill your energy. You will need 8+ body skill. If you don't have this much, then build body skill until you do.

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Q: How do you get past the Geyser rock in Sims 2 Castaway Wii?
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For sims castaway how do you get past the geysers?

To get past the geyser, you need a stone chisel and a stone hammer. Walk up to the big rock and inspect it. Your sim will use the chisel and the hammer to push it down into the geyser. :)

How do you get past geyser rock on sims 2 castaway wii?

use the stone hammer to knock it off the platform onto the hole thing :)

I know you have to have a hammer and chisel to inspect the geyser rock but how do you use it to get past geyser rock in Sims 2 Castaway game for Wii do you need something else too?

you...uhh.....i dont know sorry! you...uhh.....i dont know sorry!

How do you get across geyser rock on sims 2 castaway?

You must disable the gyser using a cheat and the move the rock and cross.Happy Simming!!!!Roxxi

How do you get passed the geyser rock in Sims 2 Castaway PS2?

ok the body skill has to be 8 9 or 10 and there is a little path beside the hole where the rock goes go up that and inspect the rock and you have to have a hammer and a chisel

How do you get enough energy to get past the geyser after you get the rock down on Sims 2 Castaways for Wii?

You can neer have enough energy to pass though u actually have to go through the temple to get threw the Geyser Rock Path

How do you get past the SKULL rock on ps2 sims 2 castaway?

you get your sim body skill you to 10 and then go up to it and click push

Where is the rock for the geyser in sims 2 castaway?

As you walk around the hole you should find a kind op pitch. Walk up the pitch and you've found the rock wich should fill the geyser. (to move the rock you need a stone hammer and chisel, may not work at once; try multiple times) Good luck! ;D

Where do you find a clay on ps2 sims 2 castaway?

first you must go to the second island go past the cave to the skull rock jungle there is a flat rock where you obtain clay

How do you get passed the geyser field on the third island in Sims 2 Castaway?

this worked for me its mostly a guess. have your strongest person get totally filled and extremely happy. then go to the top with the big rock and push against it. that is just walk into it.

Where can you find sisal sims 2 castaway?

You can find it on Skull Rock and Airplane Island.

Where can you get clay from on sims 2 castaway?

On the 2nd island (if you have been there yet) past the dark cave there is skull rock jungle in the corner of that next to bamboo it looks like a big flat rock walk over to it and there you go!