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to get past the fortree gym leader winona, first you should have a pkmn with a strong water type move around lvl 45-50, this is strictly for skarmory, then you should have another pkmn with a strong ice or dragon move around the same level as the first, that's for winonas pkmn altaria, third and lastly you should have a guy with a strong rock or electric type move for the rest of her guys.

i suggest that you don't have any grass or bug type Pokemon..hope this helps:)

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Q: How do you get past the Fortree Gym in Pokemon Emerald?
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Which is the sixth gym in Pokemon emerald?

The Fortree gym.

Where is the 6 gym on Pokemon emerald?


Where is the sixth gym in Pokemon Emerald?

Fortree fortree city

Where is TM40 on Pokemon Emerald?

Fortree Gym leader

Who is winona in Pokemon emerald?

The gym leader of Fortree City's gym...Specializes in flying type Pokemon

Where is the 8th gym leader so you can beat him in Pokemon emerald?

in the fortree city

Where is the 6th Gym on Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald?

fortree city. flying types

What do you do after you beat the 6 gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

the 6th gym leader is in fortree city after the weather station where you get castform

What is the 6th gym in emerald?

The sixth gym in the gym in fortree city....and the leader is winnona...

How do you get to Winona in emerald?

you goto the fortree gym.

What is blocking the fortree gym in emerald?

its........................... cecleone!

Where is the sixth gym at on emerald?

Fortree City.